Bubble Bubble Slots

Bubble Bubble Slots is a Halloween themed slot game that lets you spin a lot of ugly and monstrous looking symbols on its reels. But don't let yourself be fooled into thinking that hideous things are the only icons that you will spin in this game, because the star of this slot is a very sexy looking witch who goes by the name of Winni. This seductive enchantress makes your spooky slot game experience a lot more pleasant to the eyes with her pretty face, her deep cleavage, her sexy stockings and her sensual high heels. And you will be certainly pleased to know that this sexy witch is a wild one as well.

She is already a good reason to play this slot creation from Realtime Gaming (RTG), but there are a lot of other pleasant things that you can find in this game. With a great amount of bonus wins, special features and lucrative line payouts, this slot will make you more happy than scared, despite the fact that you need to spin all kinds of horrible symbols, like for example the spiders, skulls and the hideous toad, on the reels as well.

All these symbols and the special features are mixed together in a magical slot game cauldron and the end result is a desirable slot game that brings you a lot of fun and a lot of coins. Special rewards can be won with the help of unique game elements like the bewitched feature, the great ghosts feature, the wild witches feature and the win-win feature. So go ahead and put yourself under the spell of Winni and her dark slot game elements during unforgettable trick or treat spinning sessions. There will be lots of scary thrills along the way, but the end result is going to be absolutely spellbinding and satisfying.

Enter a World Full of Unimaginable Horrors and Attractive Cash Rewards

All the thrilling Halloween action takes place on 5 reels and three rows that are positioned at a spooky looking gate. This gate is the entrance to a world full of unimaginable horrors but also of attractive cash rewards. These rewards can be won if you place scary symbol combinations on the 50 fixed pay-lines. The only thing you need to ask yourself now is if you're brave enough to enter the gates in order to claim those cash prizes while you make daring spins.

Spin Hideous Symbols to Win Monster Cash Prizes

Besides the already mentioned sexy witch, this game also lets you spin lots of hideous symbols that are attached to monster prizes. At the bottom of this dark game, you will find small cash rewards, but the prizes values will quickly rise when you also start to place the most prominent symbols on the slot reels. All these symbols are the ingredients of your money brewing cauldron so make sure that they are lined up properly on active pay-lines. And before you start to spin them on the reels, it is good to know that you can add the sexy witch Winni to every symbol combination in order to win even bigger prizes.

Your slot game trick or treat session starts at the bottom of the paytable with the horror candles, the skull and the spider. These Halloween themed icons are all good for a top bet per pay-line multiplier reward of 99 (297 when you include Winni) if they show up 5 times on the reels. The leg of a frog and a pot filled with eyes are good for a top multiplier prize of 150, and so are the seductive perfume bottle and the magical orb. Include the pretty witch to the mix and the reward increases into a 450 bet per pay-line multiplier. Both the evil looking Halloween pumpkin, the love spells book, and the creepy toad reward you with a 333 times bet per pay-line multiplier if you land them 5 times on the slot reels. Include Winni and the multiplier reward becomes 999.

Lastly, the top rewards on the paytable are being given away by the black raven and the black kitten. Without Winni, they give away a top multiplier reward of no less than 1000, and an absolutely enchanting 3000 multiplier reward hits your bankroll when she is included in the winning combination.

Bonus Features That Will Make Your Slot Game Experience Extra Special

The mentioned symbols offer enough entertainment, coins and thrills to keep you satisfied, but you can find much more in the witch's cauldron. Special features form the seducing heart of this game, and almost all of them are in some way connected to the wild witch. They come in the form of a wild (Winni the witch), a scatter (a nasty looking witch's brew), a free games rewarding great ghosts feature, a wild witches feature that also rewards free games, a bonus offering win-win feature and a bewitched feature with another set of free games as a reward.

It Pays to Scare Yourself With Bubble Bubble Slots

Perhaps there is nothing in the world that is equally so scary and fun at the same time as Halloween. Therefore, it is no surprise that his special holiday has found its ways to the themes of online slot machines as well. Realtime Gaming has certainly picked up the trend with its very own horror themed slot game Bubble Bubble Slots. And with the game's detailed display of scary slot elements and designs, it is clear that the game software producer has done its best to equally scare and entertain you.

Furthermore, the company has also made sure that you will be able to get more out of this slot machine title then just an entertained mind. With its rich set of slot game features and matching prizes as well as its budget friendly betting options, this horror themed slot title will certainly not drain the life out of your casino bankroll.