Cash Bandits 2 Slots

Your favorite money grabbing cash bandits return to the reels to give you yet another criminally good spinning adventure. Cash Bandits 2 Slots is a brand new sequel game that draws a lot of attention by slot fans from all over the world who have been eagerly waiting for its release. The slot deserves this attention because its predecessor, Cash Bandits Slots, is a successful and beloved online RTG game among slot machine players. But now there is a sequel and it proves to be just as good and lucrative as its older brother.

The game boasts a grouped wild, a scatter icon and an accompanying crack the codes vault feature that lets you win a maximum of 190 free games in combination with multiplier rewards. Furthermore, it also has not one but two progressive jackpots that can greatly increase your playing coin stack. These progressive rewards are the minor and the major jackpot and they can drop randomly. All of these perks prove that Cash Bandits 2 is one exhilarating new slot, and the game should certainly be on your radar if you've loved its predecessor. It delivers the same attractive theme but adds a couple of extra cherries to the pie.

So start to prepare to undertake the perfect heist in which you will bust the vault, grab the valuables and make a spectacular escape that leaves the police with no trail or a possibility to catch you. But don't worry about them anyway, because it will be impossible for them to put you behind bars anyway. Since you get to enjoy the pleasure of committing a game based crime, you will never have to be hold accounted for it. So if you ever fancied the thought of doing something illegal, then this is your chance to become the bandit you always aspired to be. This is the game for if you're an aspiring bandit with a desire for cash, lots of cash. It provides so much fun that the authorities should probably deem it illegal.

Plan the Perfect Cash Robbing Crime

Thrilling crimes and big profits await you, but before all the action takes place, you need to make some preparations and study the best and quickest ways to get to the cash. Start by reading the remaining part of this review, because you're going to learn what needs to be done to crack the cash vault.

To get something out of this spinning cash vault, you need to put something into it first. That something will be your bet and it can have a value that ranges from the minimum amount of $0.01 to the maximum of $6.25. You can determine the wager value with arrows that are positioned on the bottom of the game screen, but keep in mind that the value is also determined by the number of win-lines that you decide to activate. Another set of arrows let you set a win-line number of 1 to 25. In order to win big, it is advised that you activate all the win-lines for a spin. Although the betting risk will be high when you do that, you will also make the biggest wins when luck is on your side. But don't worry if you're not playing with a large enough budget, because there are plenty of lower bet values that are perfectly suitable for a small budget as well.

Once you have learned the theory and drawn out your betting strategy it is time to get to work. All you need to do now is click on the 'spin' button and you're in crime business. There is no way back now as the reels start to spin and you can only watch in anticipation to what they are going to reveal. If you're fortunate, then you're going to spot a lot of very welcome symbols on the screen. Before you know it, you're cracking the cash vaults with symbols like wilds and scatters. And if all that symbol combination code cracking seems like too much work, then you can decide to continue your 'illegal' spinning endeavors with the help of the 'auto play' button. Click on it, determine the autopilot settings and sit back to watch the symbol spinning show.

Spin Symbols of Crime and Profits

While spinning the reels of this game, you will see that all kinds of crime related items start to appear. There are two special feature symbols, which are the Cash Bandits 2 wild logo and the robber scatter icon. The scatter is able to trigger a vault feature in which you receive free games and multiplier rewards while you try to complete vault digit combinations in order to win more free games and higher multipliers.

This game also has a couple of fun non-feature icons, which are the handcuffs, the coffee cup with the doughnut, the bag of money, the wanted poster, the alarm bell, the stack of cash, the safe key, the police batch, the bank, the frightened woman and the policeman. Although you normally would not like to see a police man when you're robbing a vault of its content, you're going to want to see this one appear on the reels. Instead of putting your hands into cuffs, this cop will put piles of cash in them; a bet per line multiplier reward of 2000 in total when you manage to spin him 5 times on the reels.

Crime Pays and It Can Pay Big

Crime pays and it can pay big when you play Cash Bandits 2 Slots from Realtime Gaming. This follow-up game to the popular first edition is going to provide lots of profits and fun if you delve fully into it. And why shouldn't you, because with its special features and its high payouts, it is going to provide a crime themed spinning experience that will certainly not put you in jail but it might place you on a tropical beach.