Coat of Arms Slots

Coat of Arms Slots

The online slot machine game Coat of Arms Slots provides five spinning reels together with 25 pay-lines on which you need to place medieval era themed symbol combinations. The game is working on Realtime Gaming (also called RTG) created software so you can find it on casinos that host the slot titles from this well-known slot title developer.

With its minor and its major progressive jackpot, this game gives you the opportunity to win really large cash rewards. The knowledge that these jackpots can drop at any given minute makes it all the more fun and thrilling to play the game. Furthermore, Coat Of Arms Slots also has a broad set of coin denominations so you will be able to enjoy it while you're playing on a budget, but also if you're aiming to lay claim to the highest rewards with the help of big stakes. Bet a few pennies or a couple of dollars and find out what the game has in store for you. It is time to travel back in time to the adventurous era of knights in Coat of Arms Slots and make some unforgettable profits.

Spin and Win With Historically Themed Symbols

As mentioned above, this game has a historic theme that is based on the medieval time period. Therefore, the symbols of the game also display elements from the days when heroic knights in shining armor roamed the lands on their horses in search of honor and adventure. Among the available symbols, you find a few special reel icons that provide extra features besides regular payouts. These special symbols are the scatter and the wild.

The wild icon in this game is the picture of a black knight and it functions both as a substitute icon and as a multiplier symbol. This black knight figure will only gallop onto symbol spots that are placed inside the second, the third and the fourth game reel. Once it shows up at these spots, it is able to perform a missing link task, meaning that it completes symbol combinations by acting as another symbol. The white knight scatter icon is the only symbol that it cannot imitate. Furthermore, not only will the black knight make sure that your symbol combination become successful and profitable, but it will also add a fine multiplier reward to the mix. When the wild performs its substitute task in a successful symbol combination, you become the beneficiary of a doubled payout.

When there is a black knight there must of course also be a white one. The good news is that there is indeed a white knight in this game and he takes care of the scatter role. Wins formed from scatters are being multiplied by the full wager. And besides these special knights, you can have fun and earn coins with a set of non-feature reel attributes. The remaining medieval themed attributes are the castle, which is the highest paying non-feature icon in the game, the shield with the sword, the goblet and the bag of golden coins. The remaining positions on the pay-table are filled by the commonly used high cards symbols. These icons are the 9, the 10, the Joker, the Queen, the King and the Ace.

Determine Your Bet Strategy

Spinning all the mentioned symbols and winning profits with them is fun, but you have to come up with a betting strategy if you want to win the big cash rewarding reel spin battles. An important part of your strategy revolves around the bet value. After all, it is that value that is going to decide if your future wins will be big or small. Pick a wager value with the help of the 'bet' arrow buttons on the bottom left side of the screen.

Before you become comfortable about the coin denomination that you're going to play with, you will also have to make a decision about the number of pay-lines that will be active during a spin. The actual number of activated pay-lines also greatly determine how much you will bet and how much cash you can win. Activate between one and 25 of them and remember that 25 is the magic number that can bring you the biggest wins.

Once you've determined what is at stake when the reels start to spin, you have one thing left to do. You need to decide if you're going to spin the reels manually, or if you're going to let the game perform that task for you. If you choose the latter option, then a click on 'autoplay' will be your solution. Thanks to this button, you can relax while the game performs its spins on autopilot. However, if you prefer to grab its reins and ride the reels to glorious victories yourself, then you can of course click on the 'spin button' to start all the action.

The Call to Arms and Profits Has Sounded

Have you always inspired to become a brave and strong knight in the army of a king? Then there is one game that lets you come very close to having that honored status. That game is Coat of Arms Slots and it does not only let you become a knight, but it can also reward you royally for doing so. Realtime Gaming has gone medieval with this game, and that provides a great opportunity to dive right into yet another exciting slot game world full of cash winning opportunities.

Play this online slot machine on RTG casinos and let it entertain and enrich you. Additionally, you can also choose to be only entertained when you play it in a free fun balance set up that will not cost you a single penny. This is a unique opportunity to become the brave knight you've always want to be, so grab your sword and your coins because the call to arms and profits has sounded on the adventurous realm of slot games.