Cash Bandits Slots

Are you always on the side of the bad guys in thrilling tales about robbers and cops? Then you will most likely be pleased to have a say in the outcome of the criminal endeavors from the infamous cash bandits. In the popular online slot machine game Cash Bandits Slots from Realtime Gaming (otherwise known as RTG), these cash grabbing baddies have made it their ultimate mission to rob a great number of vaults.

This game delivers all the criminal action and loot that you can crave for, and you don't even have to go to jail for your crooked undertakings. It's all just a game after all, but it is certainly one that lets you live the thrilling life of a cash hunting thief. All the good elements of a bandit's life are being presented to you in a thrilling display of slot game action. Hit the fault and take home the jackpot prize or see if you can find free spins inside it. A bank hit will also turn out to be very profitable, and even the appearance of a cop on the slot reel scene can turn out to be a very positive thing for you bandit bankroll.

And don't worry too much about your reputation or your bankroll when you initially want to join your criminal friends on the reels. You don't have to become a made man first and you don't have to put in a lot of money to make it big. You're going to be in the game for only $0.01 per spin. And being the modern criminal that you're are, you're allowed to conduct all your shady slot machine businesses via portable devices like tablets and smartphones.

Pull off a Life Changing Slot Reel Heist

There comes a time in the life of every professional criminal on which he or she decides that it is the perfect moment to retire and flee to on an exotic location, preferably one that has a nice beach and good cocktails. However, a large sum of money, preferably obtained via one perfect heist, is needed if a criminal wants to retire for good. Luckily, that large sum of money can now be won with the help of Cash Bandits Slots. This 5 reel and 3 row game is the gateway to your luxurious beach resort. An exotic and lavish retirement awaits you when you manage to avoid the police while you participate in an ambitious and life changing slot reel heist.

Make Cash Grabbing Symbol Hits on the Slot Reels

An opportunistic mindset is required when you want to engage in thrilling, cash bandit themed slot reel sessions, and you have to do the work in order to rake in the profits. Jobs require you to spin all kinds of criminal themed items on the slot reels, and you will receive various cash rewards in exchange for successful symbol combination hits. Some of the low paying slot reel symbol items help you to further fund your criminal operations, while others will allow you to cash in big so that you can retire for good and leave the criminal life behind.

Make small cash grabbing runs with the doughnut, the megaphone or the handcuffs and put a maximum bet per pay-line multiplier of 100 into your pockets. More loot can be won when you spin the gun with the bullets, the pile of cash or the bag of cash five times on the reels. You will then receive loot in the form of a 250 times bet per line multiplier. You can also level up your game with 5 getaway car or police siren spins as these symbols hand out a top multiplier reward of 500. However, you will start to join the big boys when you manage to spin the thief with the bag of money five times on the screen. A bet per pay-line multiplier reward of 800 will then be triggered. Also keep an eye out for the policemen with the sunglasses and don't run away from him because this is the only cop in the force that will actually put money into your hands instead of handcuffs around them. This policeman is attached to a lucrative 1250 times bet per pay-line multiplier, which you receive in exchange for five spins of this symbol. Lastly, you will know that you reach the top of your game when the bank symbol shows up five times. The result will then be that you earn a 1500 times bet per pay-line multiplier.

The mentioned payouts can be obtained with left to right, non-feature symbol combinations, but you can also make extra profits with special feature icons like for example the vault wild with its symbol replacing function and its top multiplier reward of 2500, or the cops and robbers icon, which functions as the game's scatter symbol. Additionally, this scatter icon also triggers the vault feature in which you can win lots of free games and multiplier rewards. Lastly, there is always the possibility that a randomly dropping progressive jackpot will turn your cash bandit life upside down.

A Life of Crime and Profits Awaits You in Cash Bandits Slots

If criminals are your thing, than Cash Bandits Slots is your game. Play this crime themed online slot title on Realtime Gaming operated casino platforms and spin your way to the top like a real gangster. During this rise to the top, you will experience many thrills and enjoyable moments while you stuff your pockets with piles of money. And if you rather play for the thrill of the game and not so much for the loot, then you can also put aside the thought of winning cash and just play with free fun credits that the casinos will hand out to you. It is your choice to make, but remember to stay out of jail or you might end up with gaining nothing at all.