Diamond Mine Slots

Dig and dig deep because you never know what you might find under the crust of the earth. It might be items that will make you very wealthy. And don't worry about the digging part, because you can do it conveniently online with a push of the spin button from Diamond Mine Slots. This online slot machine title has a classic look and it is developed by the company Realtime Gaming (RTG).

There are only three slot reels that you can spin in this game, and you can only land winning symbol combinations on a single pay-line. This makes it a very easy game to play as you can fully focus on making your winnings without having to go through complicated betting and gaming processes. And with a top pay-table prize of 2.500 coins, you're going to feel excited during every spin, because that prize can show up on the screen at any given moment.

About the Game

Diamond Mine Slots is especially appealing if online slots are a new thing for you. This game does not have many rules and it showcases a simple to understand interface. Thus, it provides the perfect practice environment that slowly lets you become accustomed to the world of slot games. And don't forget to also consider this game as a suitable option for if you want to have a diversion from your spinning time on modern casino games.

This slot has the look of an old-school machine that you can find in many real life casinos around the world. You can make use of three big reels that spin around in the realistic looking machine. The game's pay-table is also easy to spot as it is positioned on top of these reels. The big reels display big symbols so you can also easily recognize them when they appear.

While spinning for symbol combinations, you get to see the single bar, the double bar, the red seven, the diamond and the highest paying golden dollar sign. Some of these icons are real classics in the slot game universe, so you will feel happy being reunited with those symbols if you've used them in the good old days to make profitable cash wins.

Determine Your Bet

Before you start to spin, you're asked to throw your coins into the slot machine. Depending on the budget that you're playing with, you can decide to go low with just a few cents, or high with a couple of dollars, which makes this game a suitable and satisfying option for all your budget or high stakes playing needs. And when you're done playing, you can easily and quickly return the coins to you casino bank account with just one click on the red 'cash out' knob that is positioned on the bottom left side of the screen.

Decide How Much Coins You Like to Put at Stake

Putting coins into the machine is one important task that you need to perform before the reels can start to spin, but you also need to decide on the number of coins that will be included into your bet. Play with a small number of coins if you want to make safer bets and win low value cash rewards, or play with a large number of coins if you like to take risks in order to win the big prizes.

Cash in on Satisfying Symbol Combination Payouts

Classic slots are praised for their simplicity. Therefore, you will not often see them being equipped with special features such as scatter rewards, bonus rounds or wild icon perks. You will also not see these features in Diamond Mine Slots, but that does not mean that the game lacks the power to enrich and satisfy you. In this game, satisfaction comes in the form of healthy looking pay-table profits, and especially the highest payouts are worth it to be mentioned.

The value of your payouts is determined by a couple of factors. First of all, you need to land three identical reel symbols on the pay-line if you want to lay claim to the highest rewards. In some cases, you can also mix symbols in a combination or spin just one or two symbols in order to trigger a payout, but these wins are very low in their value.

The second factor that determines your win is the number of coins that you play with. The top prizes can be won if you play with three coins during a bet. And when you're spinning to make it big, then you should definitely pay attention to the golden dollar sign as this is the highest paying icon in the game. Spin it three times on a pay-line during a 3 coin bet and you will take home a prize of no less than 2.500 coins.

And even if you just spin with 2 coins, then this symbol combination will still give you a reason to celebrate because of the 1.600 coin reward. Lastly, you receive an 800 coin prize if you land three dollar signs on the reels with just a one coin bet. You can also make high wins with the diamond symbol. A 3 coin bet in combination with a symbol combination of 3 diamonds will grand you a valuable 150 coin reward.

Have an Uncomplicated and Satisfying Spinning Time

No matter if you've decide to play this enjoyable little slot with a fun balance or with real coins, you will have an uncomplicated good time spinning its reels. Developer Realtime Gaming has really honored the classics with this game, so make sure that you give it a spin when you want to bring back memories from those good old casino days, or use it as a safe to play introduction game to the world of slots. Diamond Mine Slots can be found, played and enjoyed on various RTG casino platforms on the internet. Pick your favorite and start to mine those precious diamonds and coins.