Pharaoh’s Gold Slots

Do you want to take a relaxing break from playing complex slot titles that can only be understood and played when you read their manual filling list of information? Then Pharaoh's Gold Slots from casino software creator Realtime Gaming (RTG) is an easy to obtain ticket to a less complicated spinning experience.

This online slot belongs to the serial developer's classic game portfolio. It is both old-school and straightforward in its game play set up as in its overall design, which you will notice immediately when the game loads because this virtual slot has a similar look as the machines that you can play in real life casinos. It even has a big handle on the side that is used as a spinning mechanism in land-based slot machines.

A Classic Slot With a Modern Touch

Pharaoh's Gold Slots is themed around the all familiar and ever intriguing ancient Egyptian civilization. This very popular theme has been the focus point in many future rich and complex slot games, but it has now also found its way to the classic ones. As you might know, a classic slot usually has only three slot reels. This is also the case with Pharaoh's Gold Slots. However, what makes it a bit different from other classic titles is the fact that it has not one but three pay-lines on which you can land your winning symbol combinations. Every available combination hands out two separate payout values. Playing with three coins ensures you that the highest cash prize will be rewarded to you, while playing with one coin is less costly but also less profitable.

There is another feature element in this game that makes it stand out from most classic slot titles on the internet. The sole special feature in this casino entertainment option is a useful wild icon. This wild is the eye and it matches other symbols in a combination so that you have an increased chance of winning a cash prize. And don't worry if you're a conservative player who loves its slots to be as minimalistic and simple as possible, because this wild feature ads an uncomplicated modern touch that will only increase the fun and not the difficulty level of the game.

Make Big Wins With a Small Set of Slot Symbols

Realtime Gaming has kept the pay-table very minimalistic in terms of available slot reel symbols. You can only make combinations with five reel attributes. Four of them are non-feature icons and the fifth one is the wild. This might not be so exciting in terms of diversity but it certainly is in terms of payouts. Since there are not so much symbols that can appear on the reels, it becomes easier to make frequent payouts with the small selection of available icons. These icons are the pharaoh mask, the scarab, the snake and the wild eye. Additionally, you will also see an Egyptian cross style hieroglyph appear on the reels. However, this icon is not visible on the pay-table and it is not attached to any cash prize. It simply functions as a slot reel spot decoration piece.

Play With Your Bankroll Budget in Mind

Always make sure that you determine a coin value that suits well with your budget before you start to spin the reels. There are suitable coin values for all kinds of budgets. You can decide to play with just a few cents if your bankroll value is low, and you can play with a couple of dollars per spin if your bankroll is big enough to handle high stakes games.

The bet value is further determined by the number of coins that you choose to play with, and of course also by the number of pay-lines that you decide to activate. After you've made these betting decisions, it is time to click on the spin button so that the reels will start to turn and the symbol combinations will start to form.

How to Form Winning Symbol Combinations

Forming winning combinations is fairly easy. A combination of two snakes is already worth a payout of two coins. The other available non-feature icons need to be spun in combinations of three in order for them to hand out cash rewards. The available combinations are three snakes, three scarabs and three pharaoh masks. The combination of three pharaoh masks is the most valuable one. Spin it on pay-lines one or two with one coin and receive 50 credits, or spin it on pay-line number three with three coins and receive 100 coins.

The scarab is the second highest paying symbol on the pay-table. Three scarabs pay 25 coins in both the one coin and three coin betting situations. You can also make combinations with three snakes and earn a 5 coin reward, no matter if you play with one or three coins. Lastly, the wild eye icon can be a part of any combination, because it will act as the missing symbol that you need in order to trigger a win.

Spin for Wins Old-School Style

As a frequent slot game player, you've probably enjoyed your fair share of ancient Egypt themed slot machines. Most of these slots are very innovative and feature rich. However, with Pharaoh's Gold Slots, ancient Egypt goes full classic. Well, not completely full classic because it has a few extra elements that provide an extra exciting touch to the spinning experience. But all in all, this is a straightforward title that you can enjoy as a classic game fanatic and also as a newcomer to the slot machine universe.

Play it on RTG powered casinos and have a good time while you frequently cash in on all the available wins. And if playing for wins is not your aim, then you can always decide to have a free spinning experience with a complimentary set of fun balance credits. These credits can of course also be used to test how the game works.