Lucky Lightnin’ Slots

There are some people who say that lightning does not strike twice, meaning that you cannot get hit twice by a certain strike of bad luck. But then what about strikes of good luck you might ask. Luckily, it is now proven that fortunate lightning strikes can hit more than once, and they make those hits on the classic reels of Lucky Lightnin' Slots from slot software developer Realtime Gaming (RTG).

There are electrifying amounts of money in the air every time that the lightning bar symbol makes its appearance in this game. It is a three reel classic slot that you can play online. Since it has only a single win-line, which crosses through the midsection of the reels, and a basic set up, this is a very suitable title for if you are a starter, but also for if you're a big fan of old-school slot games.

Because of its straightforward and back to basics approach, this game does not let you play with innovative features that revolve around scatters, wilds and bonus rounds. There is almost no learning curve when you first start to play it, so you can get into the spinning action immediately and start to form those winning symbol combinations. It is also easy to quickly figure out all the required symbol combinations, because the pay-table is conveniently displayed on the top of the game screen. This makes it easier to stay focused on the game, because you do not constantly have to switch to a second screen to see all the available payout combinations. Check for this slot in the collections of RTG powered casinos and let yourself be electrified by a Lucky Lightnin' Slots spinning session.

Slot Reel Spinning Made Easy

There aren't much slot games that are as easy to use as this one. In fact, if you have been playing the slots in real life casinos, then your old automatisms will kick back into action almost instantly. It is as with bicycling: once you learn it, you will never unlearn it. There is one little difference though, you are now playing your good old one-arm bandit on a digital screen instead of in a land based casino. That means that you also have to adjust your bets with the help of digital buttons.

Bet values can consist of just a few cents or a couple of whole dollars. Additionally, you also need to decide if you want to play with one, two or three coins. Three coin bets give you the best chance of obtaining the highest rewards. In order to win the game's jackpot prize with its value of $2.500 credits, you need to spin three lucky red sevens on the reels during a three coin bet.

Determining your bet value and the number of coins is about all you have to do before the reels are ready to be activated by the 'spin reel' knob. Be ready for a storm of symbols that will rush by once you click on that spin button. There will be lightning strikes and many fruits, but as mentioned before, it is the seven that can cast the most powerful cash strike hit on your bankroll when it ends up on every available reel during a spin.

A Storm of Money Making Symbols

Get ready for an electrifying game experience when you spin the reels of this slot, because the lightning bolts will shoot across the reels, making it immediately clear what the title and theme of the slot are all about. You can spin three single bar lightning strikes attributes and win between 10 to 30 credits, or you can spin double bar lightning strike icons and win between 200 and 600 credits.

But lightning strikes are certainly not the only symbols that you're going to see when you play this slot title. It just so happens to be that Lucky Lightning slots also revolves around the good old fruit symbols. A variety of iconic fruit logos will bring you back to memory lane once more. As an old-school slot spinner, you've most likely seen and spin them before, and you can now spin the likes of plums, cherries and oranges once again. Furthermore, the jackpot symbol number seven is of course also a classic that you've must have seen before if you're a fan of slots.

On top of all that classic slot symbol power, you can even win cash rewards if you make combinations with no reel attribute at all. Three blank reel spots in a row give you a tiny pocket change reward that consists of one, two or three coins. Those are small gifts, but they are not bad considering that you get them for spinning nothing at all.

Lastly, in order to make a win, you don't even have to spin three similar symbols in a row in some occasions. For example, one cherry hit on the reels gives you already a guaranteed prize of two to six credits, and you can also make a symbol combination mix of lightning bars in order to win between five to fifteen credits.

Create a Perfect Cash Storm

All in all, this game creates the conditions for a perfect cash storm, and this is not a thunderstorm for which you need to find a shelter. Instead, you better get out there in the hope that it hits you with its golden strikes of profits. The perfect weather conditions for such a storm can be found at RTG powered casino platforms, so head out there with a big coat full of deep pockets and start to spin the reels of Lucky Lightnin' Slots. And remember that is not always about the money but also about the fun. Therefore, you often have the option to play this game with a fun balance. Free to use credits are also a useful tool for if you just start out and want to learn more about the game first.